We Offer many services to Long Island, New York, and Connecticut Pet owners and vets.

Home Pick Up

We offer Home Pick Up services quickly and professionally.  Please call us immediately or fill out our form for Home Pick up by clicking here. 

Funeral Services


Welcoming,Comfortable, and Professional Pet Funeral Services.

At Regency Forest, we have a new facility to accommodate funeral services, wakes, and final fair wells. Marble Floors, immaculate conditions, clean, and elegant furniture make the facility the best funeral home for pets in the industry.  Coffee, water, and tea are always available for guests.

We have a top quality staff that is here to assist during the entire funeral process.  We are here to provide a lasting, loving memory of your pet.  We welcome to work with you in your time of need.  We are here for you and your family and we are sure to show you why we are leaders in the pet aftercare industry.

Cremation Services2

At Regency Forest we Create a loving, lasting memory of your beloved companion.

Individual Cremation:

We provide uniformed, experienced drivers that are mature, responsible and discrete.  When responding to a resident, veterinarian or hospital, all animals are treated with respect and care.  Our experienced, compassionate representatives are trained to answer any questions regarding arrangements for your client’s beloved pet.


Group Cremation

Group cremation is performed as soon as possible.  For peace of mind, the cremains are carefully placed in our “Field of Dreams” burial grounds.  This is a designated burial grounds for cremains and beloved companions who have been communally cremated. The client’s beloved pet is entered in a permanent registry.  Clients are welcomed to visit.  A certificate can be given upon request.

Burial service

In our exquisitely maintained 29 Acre Memorial Park, you will find a choice of landscaped sections.  Our burial plots are available in one, two or three interments. If you have other pets at home, you may want to consider purchasing more than one interment.  All plots are available for purchase before the time of need. This advance planning is usually easier to deal with when you are not upset and grieving for your pet.  Multiple and Family Estate Plots are available for the pet owners and families who require this service. Family Estate plots can be purchased for extended family members who would like all of the family pets to remain in the same burial area.  Perpetual care is available for all burial sites. By purchasing perpetual care you will always have the peace of mind knowing that your pets grave site will forever be cared for.  A large selection of caskets are on display and in stock. Plots, interment, first year maintenance and temporary marker are included in our price. A Certificate of Burial is provided.


Tranquil Forest

Tranquil Forest is our burial area available for estate and three interment burials.  Lush plantings, marble benches and elegant headstones. This is also the site for all service animals and Police Canine Burial Plots.

Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley is rested upon rolling landscapes and is one of the largest areas of the cemetery.  Beautiful foliage make Peaceful Valley a fine resting place for your pets.

Kitty Corner

Kitty Corner is specifically up kept and for felines only, one, two or three interment plots are available.

Sleepy Meadow and Happy Valley

Sleepy Meadow and Happy Valley are easily accessible and well maintained.  Both are offered as one or two interment plots

Little Friends

Little Friends up to four interment plots, for your little friend

Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends is designed and maintained for all avian varieties of birds.

Garden of Cremains

Garden of Cremains up to four interments, this section is for cremated pets.

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from your home.

Simply call 631-345-0600 or 1-800-372-PETS and a representative will make all the necessary arrangements.