How Long Has Regency Forest Been In Business?

Regency Forest Pet Memorial Park has been servicing the New York, Connecticut and Long Island area since 1992.  The Tarzia family purchased the pet cemetery with the promise to offer dignified after care to our beloved pets for decades to come.  Since 1992, the property and team have expanded.  Today, Regency Forest Pet Memorial Park is not only the finest pet crematory in New York State, they have one of the finest  Pet Cemeteries and Crematories in the USA.  We are members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and we adhere and uphold their standards for conduct.

Do You Have A Cemetery?

Yes, we offer the finest pet burial grounds in New York. We maintain 29 acres with multiple burial options and plots.  Our new facilities, funeral parlor and burial grounds are all licensed by New York State and are open during business hours to all those that require our services.

Do You Have A Funeral Home?

Yes we do. Regency Forest offers pet owners the ability to spend time with their beloved pets at our funeral parlor.  We offer wake services in three private viewing areas that can accommodate guests in a welcoming, clean, and dignified place. Our facilities are handicap accessible with multiple bathrooms and a greeting area.  We offer special private viewing areas for individual cremations and a gallery of urns and caskets on site.

What types of Cremation are available?

Private:  Private Cremation is the individual cremation of your pet.  This cremation type ensures that your pet will be cremated individually, all cremains will be kept separate and returned to the pet owner in a decorative container. This is a dignified process and your pet’s privacy is assured at all times.  You may upgrade your urn to multiple styles in our show room or online.

Communal:  Communal cremation means that your pet is cremated along with other pets and the cremains are not returned to you. The cremains at Regency Forest Pet Memorial Park at our Field of Dream cremains burial area.

Can I View the Private Cremation?

Yes.  We welcome all pet owners to view the individual cremation of their beloved pet.  We offer the privacy and space to view the cremation service.  We offer the use of our facilities completely free of charge for individual cremations.  Please contact us for assistance.

How Do I Know I’m Getting The Right Cremains Back?

Over the years, we have standarized our pet handling systems and processes.  Aftercare handling has been one of the largest issues surrounding cremation for humans as well as pets. Regency Forest has an “Open Door Policy” and encourages tours of our facility, including our state of the art crematory.   We assign a ticket to every pet that enters, is buried and is shipped from our facility. Some families even prefer to witness the cremation process in person, we welcome all members to our facilities.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Pet cremation is generally priced according to the size of the pet and the owner’s choice between a Private or Communal Cremation.  Please contact us for rates.

Can I bring My Pet To You Myself?

Yes anyone can transport their own pet to our facilities directly during business owners. We understand the feeling of loss that arises from the passing of a beloved pet.  We found that there is wonderful therapy in providing some of the care yourself, however, if you prefer, we will come with one of our 8 private vans and only our uniformed drivers will handle your pet with compassion and the utmost care.

What If My Pet Dies At Home?

We can come to your home or apartment within the Long Island and Manhattan area anytime. Our phones are always answered and we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for immediate emergency service.

Do You Work With My Veterinarian?

We are happy to work with any veterinarian, most prefer to work with us exclusively.

What If I Don’t Live In New York?

Regency Forest tries to stay in a 200 mile radius in Suffolk County NY, but if need be we will travel anywhere in the country. Call for a quote.

If I Can’t Travel To Regency Forest, Can The Cremations Be Mailed To Me?

Yes.  We can ship all cremains and urns to your location via express carriers.  Please contact us for rates.

Do you Accept Credit Cards?

Yes we do. American Express, Mastercard, Discover, Visa and Debit Cards.